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Should steroids be consumed as legal substances?

More and more people are turning to supplements and substances to add to their gym routine or exercise plans. Should we encourage more people to do so and propose steroids to be added to their diet plan? Should all steroids in the US be made legal as it is in countries like Mexico? Surprisingly people are not abusing steroids in Mexico. Any 15 year old can walk into a pharmacy and walk out with a purchase of steroid. That’s how simple it is in Mexico. The same will never happen in countries like the US as steroids are highly controlled substances under Schedule III.

My legal steroidsMany cases of substance abuse have been detected in international sports events indicating that although the government is trying to control this, individuals can still obtain illegal substances through other means. My legal steroids preference is very limited and I will only consume steroids that have been tested and approved for use. Although the list of suppliers selling this online, only a few are recognised pharmacies. The rest are distributors and middle companies doing trading. Their credibility and authenticity need to be verified before any purchase is made through them.

From my own experience, my legal steroids are purchased from Crazymass, who also offer the highest quality of legal anabolics online. Steroids bought this website is shipped free to US and Canada while it’s chargeable when shipped to any other countries. Whether steroids are legalised or not, it all depends on the consumer. There sufficient number of legal steroids out in the market today. Increasing this number will not matter if the consumer is not aware of the difference between illegal steroids. More awareness needs to be created to the general public on the side effects of steroids to allow them to make a more educated decision.

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